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  Black. Snowy bush. Tufts Students for Dean posing in front of the newly-painted cannon. Mural on a brick firehouse. Figure standing in the snow, looking skyward. Bike buried in the snow.
Buried cars. Statue with I AM NOT written on his chest. Close shot of a pigeon. Construction cranes. Concrete wall and a door. Icicle. Six blue doors.
Mother statue. A door. Packed bags. Becca with a blanket over her head. Wrapped present. Acoustic guitar strings. Santa ornament: freakish bready eyes, seashell sleigh, dinosaur-based reindeer, supersized beard.
Macro shot, blue geode. Painted porcelain egg. Grandma. The head of a record player. Menorah, seven candles. Gifts Evan.
Stack of books. Globe. Cloth flower. Taking a picture of me taking a picture.      
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