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I am in a hole, a hole of my own digging. Every day, the hole gets deeper; this, I cannot help. My own hands wield the shovel, but they are directed by a part of me that is beyond my control, feelings I could not prevent, even if I wanted to. No amount of persistent climbing will bring me back to the surface. The surface is still, I believe, in sight; I could reach it with a decisive leap, if I trusted myself to make such a leap, and not fall back down. Decisive is the key, here; a half-hearted leap would surely fail, this I am sure of.

Not a day goes by without my regretting missed chances to set things right when the hole was a mere dip in the ground, the necessary leap merely a step, or a hop. Every moment I waited for a more perfect opportunity to make my jump into the bright daylight, the hole deepened.

It is dark down here. I think I will find a way out soon.

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Hole for a head and a soul to match.

If you’ve got a hole, I’ve got a frickin’ cavern. Toss me the ladder, please?

Posted by Ryuko at November 26, 2002 3:42 PM :: Link

One learns after enough of these metitatively nonspecific posts that it won’t do any good to ask what they’re about. So just consider this a general expression of my curiosity.

Posted by Kieran at November 26, 2002 8:36 PM :: Link

Posted by Nick at November 29, 2002 10:07 PM :: Link

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