This is NYT goes recursive, an entry originally posted on December 15, 2006 in the blog In chronological order, before this was Fall evening, Brunswick, ME. After this comes 2006 in books I read. If you're lost, I recommend the about page.

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NYT goes recursive

Update: David Gallagher, a tech writer at the Times, emailed: “Aaron: Found your post via Kottke - I pestered the Web site and got them to put up a PDF.” Thanks, David!

Today’s “Weekend Arts” section of the NY Times has a great recursive cover. I would link to it, but unfortunately they don’t have an image (or a PDF) of the cover itself on their website, so I’m reproducing it here: Click the image for a full-size PDF:

New York Times Weekend Arts, 15 December 2006, click for PDF

The associated article, Black, White and Read All Over Over, is also fun, and mentions one of my favorite Borges stories.

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