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Your host in days of yore. I am a person. This is a personal site. I write about, photograph, and link to things that interest or excite me. If any of those things interest or excite you too, I'd love to hear from you.

Some History, Inexplicably Written in the Third Person

Aaron Schutzengel was born at a very young age (thanks, Jeremy) near Sacramento, California. Today he is a student near Boston, Mass. He hates writing little blurbs about himself, because he vainly imagines himself to be more interesting than a little snippet can convey. He enjoys rock climbing and Ultimate Frisbee, but rarely both at the same time. He plays the piano well, the harmonica poorly, and the recorder frighteningly. He has long memorized his Social Security number, his credit card number, and his ICQ number, but would probably forget your name. His favorite book is Humboldt's Gift. His favorite city is San Francisco, but you shouldn't take that as an indication of his sexuality. His handwriting is atrocious. He is fluent in Pig Latin. He drinks his milk, but once had his index finger broken during a pillow fight. He has absurdly large hands, and a chronic intention tremor. Years ago, he closed a Swiss Army Knife on his pinky; his father, a physician, stitched it for him. He is by no means ticklish -- don't even go there, pancake.

An '-ose' By Any Other Name

Nebulose means "lacking definite form or limits; cloudy." Surprisingly not just a misspelling of "nebulous."

Both Nitty and Gritty

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