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For posterity, this is the story of a recent surprise long in the making, though most of you already know about it.

Rebecca’s birthday was today.

I first had the idea around the end of January (I don’t know when, exactly—it wasn’t until later that I started taking notes on my progress.) It seemed at the time like a great idea for surprise present: a letter (or a card) for Rebecca, from Orlando Bloom.

I dug around on the Internet, and discovered a pair of addresses alleged to belong to the erotic elf himself; one in Los Angeles, one in England. Then, on February 4th, I sent a letter to each. I told him someone I loved was turning 17 soon, and humbly implored him to spend a couple minutes for an extremely worthy cause.

I don’t know if he never recieved the letters, or if they just weren’t enough to convey how truly wonderful and deserving Rebecca was and is. Either way, he didn’t respond, but I withheld some hope that he would come through in time.

About a month before the birthday, I began to get nervous. Some further digging got me a phone number for his agent, one Chris Andrews of ICM. Mr. Andrews never seemed to be able to take my call, and I was afraid to leave a voicemail, lest I misspeak and have it recorded forever on the tape. Finally I gave in and just left a vague message, not saying what I was calling for except that I had been trying to reach him for a couple weeks and would really appreciate a call back.

Amazingly, he did call me back, the next Monday. He sounded very Los Angeles—harried, not really time to talk to me, didn’t care for my story about Rebecca. No, Mr. Bloom “doesn’t do letters”, but my secretary will give you a fax number and you can send your request for an autographed photo, bye.

Well, it wasn’t what I originally had in mind, but it was enough to rejuvinate my enthusiasm for the whole crazy scheme. I sent the fax right away, that evening.

That was two weeks ago, and a photo has not yet arrived. I don’t know if it is going to be sent at a later date (maybe there’s a high volume of requests and they take time), or if I’m just out of luck in the celebrity-stalking department, but either way the cat’s out of the bag now. I gave Rebecca a letter confessing all, and it went over well (if this humble one may opine on the matter).

For what it’s worth, it was a fun experience throughout. I managed to tell only three people during the months of planning, then one more two days beforehand because she was very persistent (You know who you are). I also learned a lot more about Orlando Bloom than I needed to know—the good man is a vegetarian, for example.

And hey, you never know, maybe a letter from Los Angeles will appear in my mailbox tommorow. There’s always hope, right? Happy 17th, Rebecca.

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oh aaron, only you, who lives on butternut lane, could be such a darlin’ as to stalk another guy for your girlfriend who could very well be more handsome, more charming, more- well i won’t get carried away, but i just wanted to say that she is lucky to have you, and if she is so fab that she warrants such a gift, then you are lucky to have her, i wish the best to you both.

Posted by hannah at April 2, 2003 9:49 PM :: Link

ha way to reword my letter into an entry :-P

thank you for making my birthday (as well as everyday) more wonderful than the last!

(and just because you looove spanish so much)

íte amo muchisimo!

Posted by (Re)Becca at April 3, 2003 9:51 PM :: Link

orlando bloom youre the only reson i wake up in the morning to see your face i wish you were my boyfriend well it would meen the world to me if you wrote me at 2521W Everett spokane washington

Posted by chelsea keller at December 19, 2003 4:01 PM :: Link

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